Top 10 Empires and Puzzles Best Barbarian Heroes Who Are Powerful

Destruction in sight!

One of the most offensive-oriented classes in Empires and Puzzles, Barbarians are all about dealing damage to their enemies, even going as far as freely giving a bleed effect along with their attacks like candy, just because they can! Here we have our picks for the top 10 empires and puzzles of the best barbarian heroes who are powerful.

10. Namahage

namahageAnd he knows how to handle that sword too!

Who says pain can’t come from little things? Namahage may seem like a small thing, but as they say, sometimes it’s the little things that can hurt you the most!

Namahage’s aptly named special ability is a reflection of how thirsty he is about to cause carnage. His Bloodlust, at fast mana rate, deals 290% damage to a single target. However, the amount of damage he deals can be increased considering he gets +45% Offense plus an additional 20% boost every time they are hit for 5 turns. It’s good to limit him so he can withstand these attacks and unleash a devastating one when he gets the chance to retaliate. To Namahage we say: we chose you!

What makes Namahage great:

  • Has fast mana speed
  • Deal 290% damage to a single target
  • Gain +45% Offense and an additional +20% boost each time they are hit for 5 turns



Cool beards!

It’s not hard to see Nordri as one of the most useful 3* heroes out there, and that’s saying a lot!

His Frosty Axes deal 245% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies, but its most appealing effect is that it also grants enemies hit -54% Cold Defense for 4 turns. And we all know how devastating elemental defense is in this game, especially if Nordri is accompanied by ice heroes who can take advantage of the debuff he grants, as they should! Just make sure he has a broken cap and emblem so he can last longer in battles compared to his non-LB version!

What makes Nordri great:

  • Deals 245% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies
  • Gives targets hit -54% Defense against Ice for 4 turns
  • Good to use together with other ice heroes

8. Little John

little john

Ax you too!

Mana controllers? Yes, the barbarians have them too, in the giant form of a Little John!

His Massive Chop deals 185% damage to all enemies at a slow mana rate. However, it is a special ability that is worth developing and using considering its secondary effect of giving all enemies -64% mana generation for 3 turns. This makes it ideal for use against non-cleaner rosters so they can get a feel for just how debilitating its ability can be. EITHER! Just unleash Little John during Rush Attack, aka that kind of battle where all the slow and really slow heroes can go and play, and watch him try to become your little big trump card!

What makes little John great:

  • Hit all enemies for 185% damage
  • Gives all enemies -64% mana generation for 3 turns
  • Fantastic to use during Rush Attack



Nothing Grimm about those abs!

Another OG hero like Little John, Grimm is still a great 4* hero to build on, especially since his special ability is still one of the most destructive out there.

His Ramming Pulverizer deals 295% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies. However, this comes with a devastating debuff equal to -34% defense granted to your people for 6 turns as well! As we all know, this status effect, if not cleaned up, makes it much easier to get rid of any hero that suffers from them, especially if Grimm is accompanied by other heavy hitters in the lineup, and he should be!

What makes Grimm great:

  • Deals 295% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies
  • Gives them -34% defense for a whopping 6 turns
  • Ideal for use alongside big hitters.

6. Ametrine



A fantastic 4* hero comes in the form of Ametrine, and boy is she a helpful barbarian!

Ametrine’s Blur of Steel strength depends on how long her mana has been charging, like all Ninja heroes. At 100% mana, she targets a single enemy, dispelling her buffs and dealing 220% damage to them. At 200% mana, she can dispel buffs from her target and nearby enemies, dealing 255% damage to them. However, she is at her most formidable at 300% mana, as she now attacks all enemies, dispelling buffs from her and dealing 300% damage to them. Her ability order is also fantastic considering she won’t suffer if she is dispelling a countering hero. Sinks are always a useful hero, especially if they can do what this little lady obviously does!

What makes Ametrine great:

  • Depending on your mana charge, you can:
    • Target one to all enemies
    • dissipate benefits
    • Deals damage between 220% and 300% damage

5. Kageburado


Out of blood!

A serviceable hero through and through, Kageburado is an amazing 5* to take out of Atlantis!

His Break Strike, at a very fast mana rate, does several things at once, like dispel buffs and deal damage to a single target. However, the level of damage it deals depends on how healthy the enemy is, as that initial 225% damage can quickly spike up to 450% if they have more than 50% health remaining. That’s why he’s awesome, especially during the first half of the battle, when he can easily drain enemy HP like they’re nothing!

What makes Kageburado great:

  • Has a very fast mana speed
  • Dispels the target’s buffs.
  • Damage goes from 225% to 450% depending on the enemy’s health

4. Gravedigger


Digging graves like it’s his day job

In this game, Red equals fire, and Gravemaker lives by that motto.

Her Ashes to Ashes, at a very fast mana rate, deals 135% damage to the target and nearby enemies, also taking 298 burning damage over 2 turns. So it’s not unusual for all of his enemies to take burns considering how quickly he doles them out! It’s best used against lineups with a lot of Nature heroes considering it deals bonus damage to them as well. Now that’s one hell of a barbarian through and through!

What Makes Gravedigger Great:

  • Has a very fast mana speed
  • Deal 135% damage to target and nearby enemies
  • Enemies hit also take 298 burning damage for 2 turns

3. Kravekrush


Two heads are better than one!

Nowadays, Barbarians not only deal damage, but also prevent other classes from reviving their own.

Kravekrush’s inevitable demise can cause his enemies to fall considering that once he unleashes it, they will not be able to revive themselves or their allies for 5 turns, nor will they be able to receive any status effects that revive them for 5 turns! ! And since Barbarians like to dish out pain, Kravekrush also deals 430% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies. An antithesis to revivers like Mother North and Heimdall Kravekrush he really is!

What makes Kravekrush great:

  • Prevents enemies from reviving themselves or their allies for 5 turns
  • Prevents enemies from receiving status effects that will revive them for 5 turns
  • Deals 430% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies

2. goofy


Say cheese!

Slow heroes? They are really worth using, especially if they are as destructive as Bobo here!

His Bobo Blitz does 320% damage to all enemies and also punishes certain heroes in the enemies lineup if they meet his criteria. How, you ask? Well, the enemy with the highest base defense gets -60% Defense for 4 turns, while the enemy with the highest base Attack gets -60% Offense for 4 turns, both of which cannot be cleared. This means that the most powerful and resilient enemy Bobo faces may not even function properly considering the debuffs he gives them, all while looking as happy as a clam!

What makes Bobo great:

  • Deals 320% damage to all enemies.
  • Enemy with the highest Base Defense gets -60% Defense for 4 turns, which cannot be cleared
  • Enemy with the highest base Attack gains -60% Offense for 4 turns, which cannot be cleared

1. Black Knight

black knightstoic and still

Tricksters are a special breed of hero, what about barbarians? He also has one in the shape of the formidable Black Knight.

His special ability Just a Flesh Wound gives him a 50% chance to reduce any damage taken to 1 for 3 turns, which is fantastic on its own. He also allows him to direct all enemies’ Special Abilities at himself for 3 turns, whereas his Taunt prevents them from attacking his allies in the first place. Finally, all of his allies gain +45% Attack and an additional 20% every time they are hit for 3 turns! A phenomenal tank it really is!

What makes Black Knight great:

  • Has a 50% chance to reduce any damage taken to 1 for 3 turns
  • Taunts enemies into using their special abilities on him instead of his allies for 3 turns.
  • Gives all allies +45% Offense and an additional +20% boost each time they are hit for 3 turns

And those are our top 10 barbarian heroes who are powerful! This just goes to show that the barbarians are truly a master class on their own!