Top 10 Empires and Puzzles Best Blue Heroes Who Are Powerful


Don’t be surprised if most of the defense teams you see in the game include ice heroes in their lineup – the element definitely has a wide range of all-powerful heroes ready and willing to prove themselves anytime, anywhere! From powerful healers to glorious demon slayers to ruthless attackers, you name it, the Blues have it. Here’s another batch of Empires and Puzzles Best Blue Heroes That Are Powerful.

10. Gunnar Costume

Gunnar Costume

Don’t miss arm day, this

First on our list is one of the most useful heroes you’ll deploy during 3* Tournaments, and Gunnar’s costume deserves that distinction!

His Steel Link allows all enemies to share damage and grants them -44% Defense…for 5 full turns! We all know how devastating defense is in this game, so his ability is just brutal on enemies considering how easy it will be for Gunnar’s teammates to finish them off one by one, either through tile damage or the use of their own special Skills. Definitely a fantastic hero through and through!

What Makes Gunnar’s Costume Great:

  • Awesome to wear during Tournaments 3*
  • Makes all enemies share damage with each other.
  • Gives all enemies -44% Defense for 5 turns

9. Captain of Diamonds

diamond captain

What long locks you have, Captain!

Oh minions. His summoners are usually one of the most annoying heroes to be found in the game, so it’s a good thing we have an Ice minion killer in the form of Captain Diamond!

His Pest Control is quite aptly named considering that his goal in life is to destroy those little beasts. First off, it destroys all of its target’s minions before dealing 260% damage to them, so they can’t even use the creatures as meat shields in the first place. But what’s amazing about his ability is that his single target attack can turn into multi-target attacks if more than one of his enemies have minions! So you attack everyone at once? Possible. Also at fast mana rate!

What makes Captain of Diamonds great:

  • Destroy all minions on a target.
  • Deals 260% damage to the target
  • Attack another enemy with minions
  • Has fast mana speed

8. Xiahou Dun

xiahou dun

Ready for battle!

Xiahou Dun, one of the newest heroes in the game, is a hybrid minion summoner/dispel, except his minions do the dispelling for him!

His Qilin Blade, at fast mana rate, deals 355% damage to the target, and that’s not all. He then summons a Wei Soldier Minion for himself and his nearby allies, but what makes these little heroes amazing is that they dispel all of their target’s dispellable buffs per hit, meaning their enemies may not enjoy any special buffs. on your person at all times. Xiahou Dun is alive and is summoning them. Dispels are always welcome in all rosters, so having this hero is like having an army of them fighting for you!

What makes Xiahou Dun great:

  • Has fast mana speed
  • Deals 355% damage to target
  • Summons a minion for himself and nearby allies that dispels his target’s buffs per hit

7. Azmia


Azmia the Almighty!

Azmia, like Xiahou Dun, is a hybrid hero capable of doing two things at once. She heals her team and then allows most of them to counter enemy attacks!

First, his Counterstance restores 20% health to all allies. Her next effect, however, gives her and nearby allies the ability to counter for 120% of damage taken for 4 turns, gradually increasing by +5% for each counter, up to a maximum of 150%. Not bad girl!

Then there’s his passive ability as a Dunes hero; After casting her special ability, Azmia has a 60% chance to increase the health of all her allies by 10% and/or cleanse the ultimate cleansable ailment from all allies, making her a good healer to include in your team. And you should, if you have it!

What makes Azmia great:

  • Recovers 20% health for all allies.
  • Grants herself and nearby allies the ability to counterattack for 120% damage for 4 turns, which can be increased up to 150%.
  • Passive gives you a 60% chance to increase the health of all your allies by 10% and/or clear the last cleansable ailment from all allies.

6. Esme


Her beauty is definitely mesmerizing!

With so many demon summoners proliferating these days, we desperately need a hero or two who can take them down with ease. Luckily, the Ice element has one in the shape of our little girl Esme!

His ability, simply titled Fiendslayer, is the bane of all demons considering he can completely destroy them without a doubt. And that first step is important, since most demons eat healing for breakfast! After killing these pesky critters, Esme heals her allies for 40% health, and if they had Demons when Esme used her ability, they will be immune to the new Demons for 4 turns afterward. You can definitely tell that Esme is the direct answer to the problems called Elizabeth et. Alabama!

What makes Esme great:

  • Destroy all allies’ demons.
  • Heals all allies for 40% health.
  • Makes allies immune to new demons for 4 turns if they had demons

5. irises


The Blue Eye has it!

We love heatsinks considering how useful they are, so loving Iris and everything she does feels very natural!

Her erasing strength easily makes her a divine level dispel. It deals 325% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies, but what makes it great is that it dispels all buffs at the end of each turn for 3 turns. That means you don’t have to wait for a mana gauge to fill up before you can dispel buffs; Iris just happens automatically. Bonus points as she deals extra damage against Fire, which is naturally weak to Ice in the first place! And all these good things happen in Fast Mana Speed ​​too! It might not be long until all the heroes on the enemy side are removed from their buffs without much request from your team, all thanks to Iris!

What makes Iris great:

  • Deals 325% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies
  • Dispels its buffs at the end of each turn for 3 turns
  • Deals extra damage against Fire.
  • Has fast mana speed

4. King Arthur

King Arthur

Braids of strength and power

Our list today won’t be complete if we don’t have a hero who is good to use in the fight against the titans. Fortunately, we have his Highness to rectify that!

King Arthur’s Excalibur deals 468% damage to one target and grants them -39% Offense and -54% Defense against Cold for 4 turns, making it a great item to include in a lineup of heroes to fight against titans and among a group that can blast the devil with the elemental defense it gives. Also, every time his special ability is unleashed, it gives him +74% defense against special abilities for 4 turns, making him an ideal tank, whether facing titans or normal sized enemies… all in the name of Camelot!

What makes King Arthur great:

  • Good to use against Titans.
  • Deals 468% damage to the target
  • Gives the target -39% Offense and -54% Defense against Cold for 4 turns
  • Gives +74% defense against Special Abilities for 4 turns

3. rian


Armored to the core!

Rian is another interesting hybrid hero: a cleaner and an attacker all in one!

His Purifying Resolve, as the name suggests, cleanses status ailments from all allies before dealing 180% damage to their enemies. Surprisingly, the more status effect he removes from his team, the higher his damage, maxing out at 340% in total. Wow! With him on your team, you might be tempted to make your entire team suffer the agony of status effects before letting Rian do his thing, all in the name of victory!

What makes Rian great:

  • Clears status ailments from all allies.
  • Deals 180% damage to all enemies.
  • The damage can be increased by up to 340% depending on how many status effects have been removed from his allies.

2. Aegir


Serve and protect at all costs!

You’ve probably seen this guy on the battlefield a lot as part of a defense team, and that’s for a very valid reason!

Aegir’s icy resilience is all about sharing the damage in the best way. In addition to his team sharing damage for 3 turns, they also gain +30% Defense and can heal for 100% of normal damage dealt for the same number of turns as well! That ability just screams defensive hero and players who have it will do well to heed this call!

What makes Aegir great:

  • Causes all allies to share damage with each other for 3 turns
  • Gives all allies +30% Defense for 3 turns
  • All allies heal for 100% of normal damage dealt for 3 turns

1. Cao Cao

cao cao

Cloudy eyes mean trouble!

If you love Xiahou Dun, you will definitely love his legendary counterpart, Cao Cao. Heck, we all do!

Their overwhelm order is just a lot of trouble for the enemy, especially if they taste of fire. First, deal 275% damage to all enemies, with additional damage being dealt to Fire enemies. Second, it summons a Wei Soldier Minion for all of Cao Cao’s allies. Third, just like Xiahou Dun’s pets, Cao Cao’s minions also do something special where each hit from them dispels all dispellable buffs from their target. And considering that all of his allies will have this creature with them the moment he uses his special ability? It just means trouble with a capital T!

What makes Cao Cao great:

  • Deals 275% damage to all enemies.
  • Summons a minion for all allies.
  • His minions dispel their target’s buffs per hit.
  • Deals bonus damage to Fire Heroes.

And those are our picks for the top 10 empires and puzzles of the best blue heroes that are powerful! The blue boys and girls are definitely worth your ascension items, so go build them buttercup!