Top 10 Empires and Puzzles Best Defense Heroes Who Are Powerful

All in one day of work!

One of the fun things to think about when playing Empires and Puzzles is figuring out which heroes to put on your defense team. Whether your ultimate goal is to defend your Watchtower against raids or be the last member of your Alliance standing during Wars, it all depends on how powerful your team is, and how much each hero in it contributes to winning your battles! Here are our top 10 defense heroes that are powerful.

10. Kalo


A smile that only a mother can love

Gargoyles are a fairly new addition to this game, and they can be powerful. So powerful that one of them even had to be nerfed recently: that’s Kalø! Still, though, he brings something new to the table, and boy, when does his special ability kick in? Enemies better watch out!

His Resurrection of the Fallen deals damage based on the situation: if all his allies are alive, he deals double the original 70% damage to all enemies; otherwise, it is 70%. Nevertheless! What’s intriguing about him is his ability to cast the special abilities of all fallen allies. That’s right, all of them. So he imagines if he is the last one standing on his team and his mana gauge fills up. He will unleash four waves of attacks! And there’s also the gargoyles’ passive ability where his Stoneskin hardens after casting his special ability; for Kalø, the next 5 times they take damage, it is reduced to 1, which cannot be dispelled. The very slow mana from him can stop others from using him, except maybe during Rush Attack, which he can master soon!

What makes Kalø great:

  • Attacks all enemies, the severity of which depends on whether all of its allies are alive or not.
  • Casts the special ability of all fallen allies
  • He has a passive ability that reduces the damage received to 1 after launching his Special Ability

9. Papyri


No eye? no problem~

The Season 5 heroes haven’t been around very long, but they’re already making their presence known, just like Papyros here!

His Special Ability Summons Sand Golems, period. But they differ from all the minions out there in that every time the Sand Golem Minion is attacked with normal attacks or special abilities, the attacker takes 282 sand damage over 3 turns. And since it is necessary to get rid of them in order to get rid of Papyros himself? That sand damage may be there to stay. Plus, it gives all his allies +30% Defense for 3 turns too! Lastly, his passive ability gives him a 60% chance to increase the health of his allies by 10% or also grant them a small amount of mana. It’s always good for defensive heroes to enjoy it, isn’t it?

What makes Papyros great:

  • Summons Sand Golems that deal 282 sand damage when attacked
  • Gives all allies +30% defense
  • The passive ability gives you a 60% chance to increase the health of all allies or give them a small amount of mana.



Even stones can be book smart!

With several demon summoners out there, who are you going to call to counter them? Demon hunters!

Gaillard’s Polite Exorcism acts as a protective shield for his teammates against demons. He deals 490% damage to a single target, but more importantly, all of his allies will become immune to incoming negative effects and damage from Demons for 4 turns, also making them immune to new Demons! Demon summoners are no threat to his team as long as Gaillard watches over them!

What makes Gaillard great:

  • Deal 490% damage to a single target
  • All allies become immune to negative effects and damage from demons for 4 turns.
  • All allies become immune to the new demons for 4 turns.



All dolled up for war!

Here we have a hero who not only steals hearts, but also steals buffs!

Diaochan’s aptly named Lady’s Charm makes her a dedicated healer; at fast mana rate, heal all of her allies to 35% health and summon a footman minion for herself and nearby allies of hers as well. What’s fascinating about these minions, though, is that each of her hits steals a random dispellable buff from her enemies, only to give it to its owner! Just wait, before long, her enemies will be stripped of buffs, while Diachan’s team is swarming with them!

What makes Diaochan great:

  • A dedicated healer and minion summoner for herself and nearby allies.
  • Has fast mana speed
  • Each minion hit steals a random dispellable buff and gives it to its owner


guan yu

On the lookout for minion summoners!

We all know how painful minions can be in this game, and here comes a man with a vengeance on his summoners.

Guan Yu’s Green Dragon Crescent Blade deals 390% damage to the target and nearby enemies, bypassing the target’s minions. This means that the minions’ role as meat shields is basically rendered ineffective with this ability! Also, the target and nearby enemies gain Unclearable Defense depending on how many minions your team has, meaning they can take up to -70% Defense for 3 turns, making getting rid of them a piece of cake. Eaten. If that’s not a death sentence for these people, we don’t know what is!

What makes Guan Yu great:

  • Fantastic to use to defend or attack minion summoners.
  • Deal 390% damage to target and nearby enemies
  • Target and nearby enemies gain Unclearable Defense for 3 turns

5. onyx


Claws for days!

Dispels will always have a place in the composition of any team, including defensive ones, and one of the most devastating is a ninja!

Onyx’s Crippling Claws is a fantastic way to make sure your enemies aren’t getting any buffs anytime soon. At 1 mana charge, deal 270% damage to the target, making them immune to new buffs for 3 turns, and dispel any buffs currently on them. At double, now deals 310% damage to the target and nearby enemies, making them immune to the new buffs for 4 turns and also dispelling them. At 3x, though? Can now deal 350% damage to all enemies, make them immune to new buffs for 5 turns, and dispel all their buffs! Watch out enemies!

What makes Onyx great:

  • Depending on your mana charge, you can:
    • Attack all enemies one
    • Deals 270% to 350% damage
    • Dispel buffs from enemies.

4. Ruby


The red is for the blood spilled by his sword.

Mana generation is a key element in this game; remove it and some heroes basically become useless as an effect. This is why the ability to control the mana of enemies is a great power. Just ask our ninja friend, Ruby!

Like all ninjas, the strength of her attack depends on how long she’s been charging her mana, and she’s aptly named Crimson Calamity for a reason. At 1 mana charge, only attacks a target for 290% damage, reducing their mana by 25% and giving them -14% mana generation for 2 turns. At 2x, he attacks the target and nearby enemies for 330% damage, reducing their mana by 50% and granting them -24% mana generation for 3 turns. However, at a 3x mana charge? Hey boy. Now deals 370% damage to all enemies, reduces their mana by 100%, and gives them -34% mana generation for 4 turns! He is a fantastic hero to use for both defense and offense!

What makes Ruby great:

  • Depending on your mana charge, you can:
    • Attack all enemies one
    • Reduce mana from 25% to 100%
    • Grants -14% to -34% mana generation, which can last for 2 to 4 turns

3. Agraphena


The classics never go out of style.

Nowadays, however, mana charging is not only reserved for ninjas, but magical beings as well!

Agrafena’s Arcane Shock can make her either an enemy buffer or an ally buffer, or even both if the boards are on her side! At x1 Mana Charge, inflict Pain on all enemies as -20% Offense, -20% Defense, and 159 Damage, all over 3 turns. However, with a double mana charge, he tries to make his allies stronger, giving them +45% Offense and +54% Defense, both of which increase each time they are hit. Not to mention 1428 HP regen over 6 turns too! What a magical time for your team to be alive!

What makes Agrafena great:

  • Depending on your mana charge, you can:
    • Reduces defense, attack and poison of all enemies for 3 turns
    • Gives all allies attack, defense, and HP regeneration for 6 turns

2. Motega


A gentle soul inside that fond body

It doesn’t look like it, but Motega is a magical being who can be a minion or a demon summoner, or both too!

The type of creatures your Butterfly Swarm summons depends on their mana charge. At 1x, summon a Butterfly Minion for each ally, each hit increasing the damage the target takes by 20% for 3 turns. But the double mana charge is where the pain is, considering it turns Motega into a demon summoner, with each demon damaging the enemy each turn, absorbing the healing they receive, and giving them an impossible-to-clear -50% accuracy while the devil exists. ! Man, these creatures are ruthless, aren’t they?

What makes Motega great:

  • Depending on his mana charge, Motega is:
    • A minion summoner that increases the damage taken by the target of their minions.
    • A demon summoner that attacks the target, absorbing healing received and granting -50% accuracy.



Hit, hit, hooray!

Sometimes a good defense is about mounting a good attack, with no ifs or buts, and Sobek? All about hurting.

His River Jaws deal 290% damage to all enemies, bypassing defensive buffs, including counters. Simple, right? Not to mention his passive ability that allows him to deal even more damage for starters! When casting his special ability, he gains the ability to deal 70% damage to all enemies or deal 246 Sand damage over 3 turns with a 60% chance. Damage, damage, damage: Sobek does it all. A great hero to punish those who dare to attack your defense team, without a doubt!

What makes Sobek great:

  • Deals 290% damage to all enemies.
  • This bypasses defensive benefits, including counters.
  • The passive ability gives you a chance to deal extra damage to enemies or give them sand damage.

These heroes are amazing in every way. Use them, and they will defend you and yours until their last breath!