Top 10 Empires and Puzzles Best Heroes for Rush Attack

On your mark, get ready, kill the enemy!

Have you ever wondered what hero fights will be like if their mana speed isn’t an issue? Well wonder no more because Rush Attack is where you will see for yourself how it will turn out! Here, all hell breaks loose and only the best teams emerge as winners above all others.

With that in mind, here are our top 10 picks for Empires and Puzzles Best Heroes for Rush Attack, from Seasons 1-4.

10. Gunnar Costume

Gunnar Costume

Don’t miss arm day, this one.

One of our top 3-star heroes, Gunnar Costume shines a lot brighter, especially during his rank’s Rush Attack tournaments.

His Steel Link allows all enemies to share damage, which doesn’t seem like a good thing, except Gunnar’s special ability also gives them -44% Defense for 5 full turns! This gives the other heroes in Gunnar’s lineup an easier time picking off enemies left and right, especially if they don’t have a cleaner in their lineup. And this is Rush Attack? If they survive that first round, Gunnar is sure to give them that debuff time and time again, especially if he establishes himself as the team’s tank. Now that’s tough!

What makes the Gunnar costume ideal for Rush Attack:

  • Causes all enemies to share damage with each other.
  • Gives all enemies -44% Defense for 5 turns

9. Gullin Bursti


This little pig didn’t go to the market!

One of our top picks for best 4* heroes, Gullinbursti is definitely a beast in battle, pun intended.

His Angry Boar has both defensive and offensive abilities, making it a health booster and attacker all rolled into one. He increases the health of all his allies by 400, and during Rush Attack, he can double his team’s HP in a very short time. But that’s not all: when the ability is used, his attack is increased depending on how many times he and his allies are hit for 3 turns, after which he will hit his enemies for 164-288% or 197-365 damage . No wonder he’s often in a lot of lineups, even during non-Rush Attack battles – this guy is so helpful to have around!

What makes Gullinbursti ideal for Rush Attack:

  • Increases the health of all allies by 400
  • After three turns, launch an attack on all enemies, dealing 164% to 288% (197 to 365) damage depending on how many times they were hit.

8. Azlar Costume

Azlar Costume

Unleash the beast!

If you face Azlar Costume in battle? It is better to prepare for pain, a lot.

Her Volcanic Flareup deals damage with the intent of finishing off her target and nearby enemies – initially set at 205%, the damage is easily doubled to 410% if her target has less than 50% health remaining. If that doesn’t kill them? Tracking 430 burn damage for 2 turns will definitely do it. Did we mention it can’t be dispelled either? Now that is hell on earth!

What makes Azlar’s costume ideal for Rush Attack:

  • Attacks enemies for 205% to 410% damage depending on the target’s health; less health, more damage
  • Gives the target and nearby enemies 430 burning damage for 2 turns, which cannot be dispelled

7. Vivica Costume

Vivica Costume

Do you want to see how fast it can make you disappear?

Rush Attack not only makes attackers attack more, it also makes healers even more OP: Vivica Costume even more.

His Omnicure heals 44% of his allies’ health, which can bring even those near death back to fighting form in no time. But that is not all! Her other abilities make her a dispel and neutralizer as well, as her special ability grants -44% Defense to all her enemies for 4 turns and removes all positive buffs from them, making them easy prey for attackers from her equipment. This makes her one of the most important heroines in this game, and one of the must-haves during Rush Attacks!

What makes Vivica’s costume ideal for Rush Attack:

  • Recovers 44% health for all allies
  • Grants -44% defense to enemies
  • Dispels buffs from all enemies.

6. Khagan suit

Khagan suit

If looks could kill…

Khagan Costume feels tailor-made for Rush Attacks, and for good reason.

His Conqueror’s Command deals heavy pain to a single target at 514%. Also, every time he casts this attack, his allies benefit greatly, as they receive +12% Mana Generation and +46% Defense for 5 turns. And since it’s Rush Attack and with him being a tank, you can be sure these perks will be in place often, making his team a bit more annoying than usual. Then you better be ready with your dispel army when you go up against him!

What makes the Khagan costume ideal for Rush Attack:

  • Deal 514% damage to a single target
  • Grants +12% Mana Generation to all allies for 5 turns
  • Grants +46% Defense to all allies for 5 turns



Defying gravity!

If you hate enemies that reflect your attacks back at you, then Sif is an enemy you’ll hate to take on in Rush Attacks.

Her Gold Weaver grants her and nearby allies the ability to counter for 100% of the damage they take for 4 turns, so good luck if you accidentally unleash your own special ability with this buff in effect. In addition, Sif and her nearby allies will also reduce the damage they take by -50%, and enjoy that sweet +24% mana generation for 4 turns, which, during Rush Attack, will be even crazier. Take a healer/dispeller with you when you take on Sif – you’ll need her services badly!

What makes Sif great for Rush Attack:

  • Causes her and nearby allies to counter for 100% of damage taken for 4 turns
  • Reduces the damage she and nearby allies take by 50%
  • Grants herself and nearby allies +24% mana generation



A party for the ages!

Wilbur’s special ability is definitely something to highlight!

His wonderful feast is a dream buff for his team and a nightmare debuff for enemies all at the same time. Both sides share the damage with their allies, of course, but while Wilbur’s team enjoys that impressive +63% Defense, their enemies will have to take that -44% Defense in return. This will make it easier to get rid of them, especially if Wilbur is backed by a bunch of OP attackers in his lineup, as he should be!

What makes Wilbur great for Rush Attack:

  • Causes both allies and enemies to share damage with their teams for 4 turns
  • Gives all allies +63% Defense for 4 turns
  • Gives all enemies -44% Defense for 4 turns

3. Professor Lidenbrock

Professor Lidenbrock

She’ll teach a lesson or two about kicking ass!

A fantastic healing tank on her own, Prof. Lidenbrock is sure to bring her gifts along with her during Rush Attack.

His Glorious Grace can cleanse status ailments and increase the health of all his allies by 200. What’s more, they also regenerate 600 improved health over 4 turns, which is refreshed if the target is affected by status ailments! Enemies will surely need to have a lot of offensive power on their side to be able to counter all that healing. Best of luck to those who find her during Rush Attack!

What makes Prof. Lidenbrock ideal for Rush Attack:

  • Clears status ailments from all allies.
  • Increases the health of all allies by 200
  • Increases the health of all allies by 600 for 4 turns, which is refreshed if the target is hit with status ailments



All hail the mighty Heimdall!

One of the best summonable heroes in Valhalla, be sure to use him to defend your team well during Rush Attack.

As a heal tank, his Blessing of Gjallarhorn increases the health of all his allies by 500 and gives them that amazing +30% Offense for 4 turns, allowing them to live longer and have stronger attacks to finish off the opposing side. faster. But that’s not all: if any of his teammates fall under his watch, his special ability also gives them a 20% chance to recover with 30% HP. Just when you think his team is finished, Heimdall turns the tables on you!

What makes Heimdall ideal for Rush Attack:

  • Increases the health of all allies by 500
  • Gives all allies +30% Offense for 4 turns
  • Gives all downed allies a 20% chance to revive with 30% HP



Don’t even fight your inevitable end!

Afraid of her? You should be. After all, she is our top pick for an OP Attacker.

Without the mana speed issue slowing her down, Alfrike is sure to go to town on any team. He just does a lot of things at once with his special ability, Cube of the Dark Realm: deals 200% damage to targets hit, throws 5 dark cubes at random enemies that reduce their max health by 224 and their target is attacked without sense. on a random ally of hers when her mana is full. Any enemy would surely need a lot of healing power from her to survive her attack over and over and over again!

What makes Alfrike ideal for Rush Attack:

  • Deals 200% damage to targets hit
  • Throws 5 dark cubes that reduce maximum health by 224
  • Enemies hit automatically cast Mindless Attack on a random ally of theirs

These heroes are sure to have you covered during Rush Attacks. Make sure you use them well if you’re lucky enough to have them on your list!