Top 10 Empires and Puzzles Best Heroes for War Equalizer

Wartime is upon us!

During the war equalizer, timing the use of abilities is everything considering the automatic removal of all types of status effects on the heroes that are in play, whether they are attackers or defenders on the field. Given this mechanic, some players may even be brave enough to go without heatsinks or cleaners on their team, but is this really how you play to win? Here is another set of Empires and Puzzles Best Heroes for War Equalizer for you to think about how to turn the tide in your favor!



An elegant knight in armor!

While his costume is a fantastic variation on him, the OG version of Rigard is no slouch either!

He is a type of cleansing healer in that his Purify removes all status ailments from his allies. However, during War Equalizer, players may want to consider using this version instead of his coveted costume, as his 42% health recovery for all is instant rather than staggered! Perfect to keep everyone always in top shape to continue the fight!

What makes Rigard great:

  • Clears all status ailments from allies.
  • Heals all allies for 42% of health.
  • Healing is instant as opposed to the staggered version offered by his costume.

9. friend


Naughty Naughty!

A 4* season hero, you’ll find that Buddy definitely gets a ton of use even outside of Christmas.

Buddy’s Gift Sack is a mix of gifts, all meant to make your enemies suffer like the naughty children they are. Deals 205% damage to the target and nearby enemies and grants them -24% Offense and -34% Defense, all for 3 turns. Time your attack correctly and enemies will surely feel the effects of these debuffs before the next cleanup occurs. But do you know what War Equalizer doesn’t remove? Minions! Which Buddy gives to himself and close allies as well. Now how’s that for spreading Christmas cheer?

What makes Buddy great:

  • Deal 205% damage to target and nearby enemies
  • Gives the target and nearby enemies -24% Offense and -34% Defense for 3 turns
  • Summons elven minions for himself and nearby allies, which War Equalizer does not remove.



I bet that dagger is going to hurt!

In wars, damage is king, so deploying Kingston is a must if you’ve got him!

His Stiletto Cyclone, at Fast Mana Speed, deals 445% damage to the target that already hurts. But he punishes his target and nearby enemies even more by decreasing their attack power by -31%, with an additional -4% decrease each time they are hit! This usually lasts for 4 turns, but with War Equalizer in effect, it will drop to 3 at most, as long as unleashing his attack is timed right!

What makes Kingston great:

  • Has fast mana speed
  • Deal 445% damage to a single target
  • Gives the target and nearby enemies at least -34% Offense

7. Liana Costume

Liana Costume

In the name of this bow!

If it’s damage you want, it’s damage you’ll get, with the additional decrease in mana generation, too. That’s the power of the Lianna costume for you!

His Pure Shot is perfect for War Equalizer. Deals 482% damage to the target and most devastatingly gives them -34% Mana Generation for 3 turns. Pick a target among your enemies and Lianna might not even let them reach her max mana capacity ever, which is a bit easier for her considering she operates at fast mana rate!

What makes Lianna’s costume great:

  • Deals 482% damage to the target
  • Gives -34% mana generation for 3 turns
  • Has fast mana speed

6. Kageburado


A sinister smile!

Battles should seem like a piece of cake for terrifying warriors like Kageburado, and it’s best for players to use it.

His Break Strike first dispels the target’s buffs, making sure there’s nothing to shield them from the 225% damage he then deals, doubled to 450% if he has more than 50% health remaining. Phew! This makes him fantastic for unleashing against heroes with the best health, as he can whittle them down in no time. And considering his very fast mana speed? Time is not an issue with Kageburado, with or without War Equalizer in effect!

What makes Kageburado great:

  • Dispels the target’s buffs.
  • Deals 225 – 450% damage to a target depending on their health
  • Has a very fast mana speed

5. Magni Costume

magni costume


Debuff-granting snipers are fantastic to use as attackers anytime, anywhere, and Magni Costume is a good example of why.

His Monolith Strike deals 420% damage to the target, and to help his allies get rid of him faster, Magni grants his target and nearby enemies -34% Defense as well. However, with War Equalizer in play, the duration is shortened from 4 turns to 3, but there’s still plenty of time for Magni’s team to finish off one or even more enemies considering his fast mana speed!

What makes Magni’s costume great:

  • Deals 420% damage to the target
  • Gives the target and nearby enemies -34% Defense
  • Has fast mana speed

4. Reel


That’s a big cat though

Multitasking heroes are more than welcome on any roster, and Devana is sure to make any player’s roster even sweeter.

His arrows and claws deal 255% damage to the target and nearby enemies and dispel their buffs. However, since War Equalizer means the Minions are even more useful, their ability to summon the beefy ones makes Devana a great hero to use! Her special her ability allows her to have a Lynx Minion that has 35% HP and 35% attack inherited from her and also kills a target’s minions! If killing him becomes something of a chore, what else if she always has three on her person?

What makes Devana great:

  • Deal 255% damage to target and nearby enemies
  • Dispel your advantages
  • Summons a Lynx Minion that kills a target’s minions before hitting them.



Aiming straight for your heart

Time doesn’t diminish Seshat’s usefulness, which is an unerring testament to his abilities!

His Conjuration Arrow, at fast mana rate, deals 400% damage to the target and dispels their buffs as well as those of nearby enemies. But when it comes to Minion Summoners, Seshat is special in that even if his special ability isn’t activated, the minion can still spawn a clone of himself every 3 turns! Definitely a cool ability for a tiny minion to have!

What makes Seshat great:

  • Has fast mana speed
  • Deals 400% damage to the target and dispels their buffs and those of nearby enemies.
  • Summons a Minion that spawns a clone of itself every 3 turns



She spanks him good!

In a land of minion summoners, Gefjon really asks: why bother summoning minions when you can steal them?

Her Maiden Commando does just that: she draws minions from the target. In War Equalizer, where players will likely take advantage of the minion summon, Gefjon will simply charge up to steal from left to right, as well as dealing 500% damage to each of his targets. Also at fast mana rate!

What makes Gefjon great:

  • Steal Minions from the target
  • Deals 500% damage to target
  • Has fast mana speed

1.Principal Zuri

Principal Zuri

Performance level, everyone!

Look, we love our healers, cleaners, and minion summoners, and it turns out that Director Zuri is all three!

Her Principal’s Blessing gives her allies 42% health, while the one with the currently lowest HP is given 65% health to be on par with others. They are then cleansed of their status ailments and given a tough Clown Minion, each with 15% HP and 22% Attack inherited from Principal Zuri! We don’t know about you, but those skills make her an undisputed member of our circus – War Equalizer or no War Equalizer!

What makes Director Zuri great:

  • Heals all allies with at least 40% health, while the ally with the current lowest HP gains at least 60% health.
  • Summons a Clown Minion for each ally
  • Clears status ailments from all allies.

And that is our list of Empires and Puzzles Best Heroes for War Equalizer. Good luck in your next battle and may they help you win that coveted War Chest sooner rather than later!