Top 10 Empires and Puzzles Best Holy Heroes

Holy Molly!

Ah, the Holy element. Not to be outdone by the other four colors, Yellow has its own set of awesome heroes, each armed with special abilities that will really make a difference to your roster, especially if you decide to pit them against Dark Heroes, who are both strong. and weak against If you are lucky enough to attract a lot of them through different summoning portals, which one is worth investing in? Well, here are our picks for the Top 10 Holy Heroes of Empires and Puzzles that can help you out!

10. Draco Fong

Draco Fong

Fong of fury!

Kicking off our list is a 2018 Legend, and with good reason.

Drake Fong’s Flails of Fury, at fast mana rate, hits hard as it deals 270% damage to the target and nearby enemies. But, as with the Special Skills of other Holy Heroes, it has a secondary effect where enemies hit also have to suffer from -35% Accuracy for 3 turns. This means that unless they are cleaned up, they can miss their targets when attacking, even when using their Special Abilities! This makes him a fantastic hero to include in your defense team, if you’re lucky enough to get him out!

What makes Drake Fong great:

  • Has fast mana speed
  • Deal 270% damage to target and nearby enemies
  • Enemies hit gain -35% Accuracy for 3 turns

9. White Rabbit

white rabbit

Hare breeding times!

If less accuracy isn’t your thing, how about giving your target negative defense?

Fortunately, this is where our Seasonal Hero comes into play. His Rabbit Clock deals 280% damage to the target and nearby enemies, with the secondary effect of giving the target -34% Defense as well for 4 turns. If the enemy’s instinct is to heal their affected limb, well, tough luck: the duration of the effect is reset when they do, which can’t be dispelled either! In Fast Mana Speed, it may not be long before all of White Rabbit’s enemies are afflicted with this disease, paving the way for their inevitable defeat.

What makes White Rabbit great:

  • Deal 280% damage to target and nearby enemies
  • Target gains -34% Defense for 4 turns, refreshed if healed
  • Has fast mana speed

8. Malosí


Watch out for that fist!

Let’s say you’re up against a team with buffers and debuffers. What are you going to do? Send Malosi into battle, of course!

This man is the definition of ‘Better safe than sorry’. His Power Punch deals 300% damage to the target, but what makes it unique is its secondary effect of not allowing them to cast new status effects or stacks on enemies or allies for 3 turns. And considering that a lot of heroes fall into the ‘buffer’ or ‘bubbler’ category, this makes Malosi a good fit to take on either of them! Also, did we mention the very fast mana speed from him?

What makes Malosi great:

  • Deals 300% damage to target
  • Target cannot cast new status effects or stacks on enemies or allies for 3 turns
  • Has a very fast mana speed

7. Principal Zuri

Principal Zuri

At your (paid) service!

No list is complete without our trusty healers, and Director Zuri is more than capable of going toe-to-toe with the best!

Her Director’s Blessing turns her into a hybrid healer/summoner/minion clearer, as she grants her allies 42% health, while the one with the currently lowest HP is given 65% health to be within range. the height of the others. Not only that, but everyone gets a Clown Minion to boot, each with 15% HP and 22% attack inherited from Director Zuri. Finally, they are cleansed of their status ailments, which is always amazing for a healer. Truly a complete hero that she is!

What makes Director Zuri great:

  • Heals all allies with at least 40% health, while the ally with the current lowest HP gains at least 60% health.
  • Summons a Clown Minion for each ally
  • Clears status ailments from all allies.

6. Penolita


It’s made of stone, but is it your heart?

With so many minion summoners and demons out in the open, who are you going to call? This kind of stone!

Its Radiant Rapid-Fire makes it look like it has a vendetta with summoners, considering its damage is doubled for just them. Deal 245% damage to the target, converting to 490% against Bera, Freya, and Elizabeth to name a few! Additionally, his attack causes everyone to take a -50% decrease to any healing received for 4 turns, which can spell doom for their enemies, just like Penolite intended!

What makes the peñolita great:

  • Great to use against minion and demon summoners.
  • Deals 245% damage to the target, doubled to 490% if it’s a demon or minion summoner.
  • All enemies gain -50% reduction on any healing received for 4 turns



More limbs to tear you with, my dear!

Who has a ton of limbs and a thirst for blood? This guy. Animal. Stuff?

Zekena’s rapid stingers might seem to target a single enemy, except that a randomly selected one can also end up dead on her watch. He deals 300% damage to the first target, while a totally different enemy is hit with a devastating 450% damage, which will hurt more if he is a dark hero. The extra hit also gives that random enemy -56% Defense for 3 turns! In Fast Mana Speed, our man is not only armed with excess limbs, but also with a vengeance!

What makes Zekena great:

  • Deals 300% damage to target
  • Deals 450% additional damage to another enemy and gives them -56% Defense for 3 turns
  • Has fast mana speed



Don’t let its sweetness fool you!

One of the original dodgers in the game, Inari is definitely an awesome hero to have on your roster.

Her Lucky Nine special ability deals 180% damage to all enemies, but more importantly, it also gives all allies a +56% chance to Dodge Special Abilities for 3 turns and summons a fox minion of Sakura if they manage to dodge them successfully. These minions are awesome because they also add 7% mana to their owners at the end of each turn, making their special ability trigger faster the more they dodge enemy abilities! Regardless of what abilities enemies have, their effects are considered moot if dodged, making this buff extremely useful and welcome!

What makes Inari great:

  • Deals 180% damage to all enemies.
  • Gives all allies +56% chance to dodge Special Abilities for 3 turns, with each dodge summoning a Sakura Fox Minion
  • Sakura Fox Minion adds 7% mana to its owner at the end of each turn

3. Gin


As the Lady wants!

Guinevere is definitely who Li Xiu wants to be if she ever evolves into a 5* hero.

It has the makings of a great tank considering everything it does. She’s your pesky mana controller in the sense that if Queen’s Word from her activates, all enemies’ mana is reduced by 20%. Not only that, but it also strengthens the front lines by causing both her and hers nearby allies to regenerate 612 HP over 4 turns and have +54% defense against Dark over 4 turns, too! Definitely one of the toughest Holy Heroes to deal with if you are leading a Dark Team yourself!

What makes Geneva great:

  • Great to use as a tank.
  • Reduces all enemies’ mana by 20%
  • Causes her and nearby enemies to regenerate 612 HP and have +54% Defense against Dark for 4 turns

2. Odin


Odin, no Odon no!

At first glance, 100% damage to all enemies might not seem like much, except that since he has fast mana speed, Odin will rapidly fire his Grimnir’s Fury in a very short time. However, what makes this special ability unique is that 100% damage is the minimum amount of damage it can deal to all enemies. Depending on how many Holy shields are on the board, the damage can be increased by up to 244%!

And that’s not all. Once this Special Skill is used, all allies gain at least +8% mana. Depending on how many Holy shields are on the board, this can go as high as 28%, which means it can, and will! – Get everyone ready to unleash their special attacks faster than possible. Good god!

What makes Odin great:

  • Has fast mana speed
  • Deals damage to all enemies depending on the number of holy shields on the board.
  • Causes all allies to generate mana depending on how many Holy shields are on the board



At your service!

With the other items her Black Knights, Tellurias, and Krampuses have, it’s only fitting that Holy would have her own formidable tank, and Wolfgang fits that role perfectly.

His Commander’s Gauntlet isn’t just for defensive purposes, oh no! He also deals 250% damage to all enemies, which is like making them pay for daring to attack his team in the first place. It then reduces all damage taken by -50% for 4 turns, before finally increasing the health of all allies by 600 after 4 turns as well. This makes Wolfgang a prime candidate for inclusion on his defense team if he’s lucky enough to take him out in the first place!

What makes Wolfgang great:

  • Fantastic to use as a tank.
  • Deals 250% damage to all enemies.
  • Reduces all damage taken by 50% for 4 turns and increases the health of all allies by 600 after 4 turns

Those are our top 10 holy heroes! It’s always a good day to be a Saint, especially if you have them in your lineup. Good luck!