Top 10 Empires and Puzzles Best Ice Heroes Who Are Powerful

Let them take away the blue~

So many fantastic heroes, so few ascension items. In case you don’t know which heroes to promote next, we’re happy to help you out, especially if they’re of the blue persuasion! Here is another set of Empires and Puzzles Best Ice Heroes That Are Powerful.



Stop! In the name of ice

It’s a shame that a lot of people get put off by Slow Mana Speed, which can certainly be a bit disappointing. But Isarnian Glacial Smash is definitely a Special Skill worth waiting for, in our opinion!

Not only does it deal 235% damage to all enemies, but it also gives them -44% Defense for 6 turns, which can easily mean defeating the enemy if they don’t have any Cleaners on their side. This can make her a phenomenal hero to use, especially if you decide to let her wreak havoc in wars and tournaments with Rush Attack on!

What makes Isarnia great:

  • Deals 235% damage to all enemies.
  • Grants -44% Defense to all enemies for 6 turns
  • Awesome to wear during Rush Attack

9. Thorne’s Suit

Thorne Costume

Bow down to the King!

We love costumes. Not only do they give heroes permanent stat bonuses, but some of them can breathe new life into OG heroes, just like Thorne here!

With his disguise on, his Ultimate Freeze becomes an aptly named special ability because it can end an enemy’s life. Deals 540% damage to a single target, phew! – and can enjoy a +24% undispellable mana generation for 3 turns, which can offset his average mana speed and cause him to cast another attack faster than usual. And to that we say: Long live the King!

What makes Thorne’s costume great:

  • The hero gets improved stats due to the costume bonus
  • Deal 540% damage to an enemy
  • Gain +24% mana generation that cannot be dispelled



look into his eyes

Our list will not be complete if there is no healer on it. Fortunately, Raffaele is more than capable of fulfilling that role!

Don’t worry about her slow mana rate, as her ice treatment can bring any team on the verge of death back to fighting form. Heals all allies below 50% HP to 50% health, then tops them off with 812 HP regenerated over 4 turns. It also clears status ailments from all allies, which is definitely helpful! On top of that, if you decide to put it in an icing? All of them will benefit from +30% unstoppable defense against Special Abilities for 4 turns. It’s no surprise that he’s primarily a mainstay in defensive builds, especially during quick attacks!

What makes Raffaele great:

  • Heals all allies below 50% health to 50% health
  • Causes all allies to regenerate 812 HP over 4 turns
  • Clears status ailments from all allies.
  • Gives all Ice allies +30% defense against Special Abilities for 4 turns

7. Lord Loki

lord loki

Uncontrolled mischief!

This game loves its Lokis as it currently has three summonable variants, but perhaps Lord Loki is the most versatile of all!

His Trickster’s Mischief can be a hodgepodge of abilities considering he copies his target’s special ability and uses it as his own. If you are targeting a healer, then he can heal. If he’s a Minion Summoner, he’ll also summon minions, etcetera, etcetera. It’s almost like you get every hero in the game just by having him in your lineup! But what if for some reason his ability can’t be copied? Lord Loki will simply come at them with his Villain Swing, dealing 275% damage to the target. Not a bad strategy, huh?

What makes Lord Loki great:

  • Able to copy his target’s special ability and use it as his own
  • If the ability cannot be copied, unleash an attack that deals 275% damage to the target

6. Alasie


Heart shot

If it’s a fast hero you want, you’ll get a fast hero in Legends Hero Alasie, and that’s not all!

His Spirit Arrow deals 462% damage to the target, as well as granting them and their nearby allies -24% Mana Generation for 3 turns, which cannot be dispelled. That can easily ruin any lineup’s day, right? In addition, his Element Link also grants all of his Ice allies +5% Offense and +5 Defense for 6 turns, which, again, cannot be dispelled. It may not be much, but it’s still something!

What makes Alasie great:

  • Has fast mana speed
  • Deals 462% damage to the target
  • Gives the target and nearby enemies a -24% mana generation that cannot be dispelled for 3 turns



You are so good that you blow my mind

Your boy Miki? Definitely one of the most useful heroes to have. He Not only is he an attack buffer, but he is also a silencer!

His Wrath of Tundra grants all his allies +130 normal attack, with the condition that it will only apply if the enemy has more HP than the attacker. This also stacks with similar status effects up to a maximum of +170% Normal Attack and lasts for 5 turns. Where is this applicable, you ask? Well, to fight titans, of course! Her attack also silences the target and nearby enemies for 4 turns, if you use Miki in wars, and it’s definitely a useful skill for fighting pesky Power Titans. Just watch Miki’s team smash through those giant enemies without breaking a sweat!

What makes Miki great:

  • Grants allies +130% up to a maximum of +170% Normal Attack, as long as the target has more HP than the attacker
  • Very useful hero against the titans.
  • Silences the target and nearby enemies for 4 turns.

4. Goofy


It will kill you with a smile!

Oh, Bobo. Definitely a legitimate reason to be afraid of clowns!

His Bobo Blitz deals a lot of pain in the form of 320% damage to all enemies, and also punishes certain heroes in the enemies lineup if they meet certain criteria. The enemy with the highest base Defense gets -60% Defense for 4 turns, while the enemy with the highest base Attack gets -60% Offense for 4 turns, both of which cannot be cleared. Whoops! That’s why people hate clowns!

What makes Bobo great:

  • Deals 320% damage to all enemies.
  • Enemy with the highest Base Defense gets -60% Defense for 4 turns, which cannot be cleared
  • Enemy with the highest base Attack gains -60% Offense for 4 turns, which cannot be cleared

3. Tybalt


A cinnamon floof that can definitely kill you

Don’t let this fluffy boy fool you: Theobald is out for blood.

His Multi-Throw deals 405% damage to the enemy with the highest remaining HP, while others take 260% damage. And that’s not all! Causes all allies to reflect all status effects and 115% damage back to the attacker, as well as block other debuffs from enemies’ Nature Skills for 4 turns. Lastly, all of his allies get that sweet +45% Attack for 4 turns, with an additional +20% boost each time they’re hit! What a total nightmare this cutie is!

What makes Theobald great:

  • Deals 260% damage to all enemies, while the enemy with the highest HP takes 405% damage.
  • All allies reflect status effects and 115% damage back to the attacker and block other debuffs from enemies’ Nature abilities for 4 turns.
  • Grants all allies +45% Offense for 4 turns and an additional +20% boost each time they are hit



A happy Kramp-mas

If you’re looking for an awesome tank-like seasonal hero, look no further than this Big Guy here!

His Scourge of Joy gives everyone in his lineup a ton of joy. Gives them minions with 7% HP at 10% attack inherited from him. Krampus also gains Taunt, effectively directing all enemies’ Special Abilities towards his person for 3 turns, and to survive, he gains +44% Defense, as well as an additional +10% boost each time he is hit during those 3 turns. . Lastly, all of his allies get +50% Offense for 3 turns! If that doesn’t make him a phenomenal tank, we don’t know what will!

What makes Krampus great:

  • A minion summoner
  • Gains Taunt which prevents enemies from using their special abilities on Krampus allies for 3 turns
  • Gives all allies +50% Offense for 3 turns.

1. Cobalt


The Way of the Ninja

The top spot is reserved for only the best of the best, and if you’re blessed with Cobalt, it’s certainly worth bragging about!

Her Katana Rain is out to finish off her enemies considering its massive damage and high chance to bypass defensive buffs, including counters. At 100% mana, deals 290% damage to one target and has a 60% chance to bypass defensive buffs. At 200% damage, she deals 325% damage to the target and nearby enemies, and has an 85% chance to bypass defensive buffs. At 300% mana? Now deals 360% damage to all enemies and has a 100% chance to bypass defensive buffs! Good things come to those who wait, and for Ninjas like Cobalt, playing the waiting game can give you victory over any foe!

What makes cobalt great:

  • It can be considered one of the best attackers in the game.
  • Depending on your mana charge, you can:
    • Attack all enemies one
    • Deals 290% to 360% damage
    • Skip defensive buffs from 60% to 100% chance

And that’s our list of the top 10 mighty ice heroes. Don’t skimp on resources if you get them; you will not regret!