Top 5 Empires and Puzzles Best Blue Tanks That Are Powerful

All blue for you!

If it’s a reliable tank you want, the Ice element thankfully has several great heroes under its wing that can get the job done fantastically well. Whether you’re looking for a hero that will share damage, heals, counters, or taunts, the Ice has it all! Here we list our picks for the top 5 blue tanks that are powerful.

5. Gunnar’s Suit

Gunnar Costume

The look of determination!

In this list, we’ll also include our favorite tanks from rare and epic tiers, and starting our list is none other than Gunnar’s costume!

His Steel Link causes all enemies to share damage and also grants them -44% Defense for 5 turns. This means that even the snipers on Gunnar’s team can turn their single target attack into something that damages all enemies. What’s more, with that defense in effect? All attacks become deadlier than they were without it. Nice!

His mana rate might be slow, but given his position as a tank? He’ll take most of the hits anyway, making his special ability’s activation much faster. And for a 3*, his defensive stats aren’t bad at all, especially if he has caps and emblems all the time. This makes him one of the best heroes to use, especially during 3* Tournaments, Ice element or not!

What Makes Gunnar’s Costume Great:

  • share damage – his Special Skill makes all enemies share the damage between them
  • Debuffer- all enemies gain -44% Defense for 5 turns
  • Excellent defensive stats – its stats make it ideal for use as a Tank, especially during 3* Tournaments

4. Cyril Costume


I will never leave you, I will never bring you down

Healing tanks are nothing to sneeze at, especially if they do what Kiril Costume does!

His Blessed Solo acts as a blessing and a curse, all at the same time. Not only does he heal all allies for 28% health, but he also gives his enemies -34% Offense and Defense for 3 full turns! And like Tank, who will be attacked the most? It won’t be long before he’s ready to heal his team and make his enemies suffer at the same time.

Just make sure it has a broken cap and emblem so it lasts longer, and it’s an investment in a hero that players won’t regret making. We seriously can’t say enough good things about this old man!

What makes the Kiril costume great:

  • healing tank – recovers 28% health for all allies as his Special Ability
  • Debuffer – his ability also gives enemies -34% Offense and -34% Defense for 3 turns
  • Good defensive stats – power it up even further by breaking limits and bagging it to last longer on the battlefield

3. Boril costume

Borin Costume

Armor up!

Hit back enemies that hit you? It’s easier using a counter-attacking tank!

Boril Costume’s special ability, Sturdy Riposte, grants all allies the ability to counterattack for 60% of the damage they took for 4 turns. This is an awesome ability, especially when facing an enemy team without a healer-disperser in their lineup, considering the counter buff can’t be removed without them incurring damage in return!

Boril, disguise or no, has amazing defensive stats to boot, especially once the cap is broken and an emblem is awarded. This makes him an always reliable tank to use, especially if players choose to go C2P or F2P, or are just starting out in the game, and a worthy addition to this list!

What makes the Boril costume great:

  • counterattack – causes all allies to counterattack for 60% of the damage they took for 4 turns
  • Impressive defensive stats – it has high defenses that make it suitable to be deployed as a tank

2. Aegir


Protecting you with her parted hair

If Gunnar Costume is all about sharing damage in the worst possible way, Aegir takes that ability and runs with it in the opposite direction, all while making sure his team is well protected!

His icy resilience makes his team share damage for 3 turns, but that’s just the start of things. Aegir’s allies also receive +30% Defense and can also heal for 100% of normal damage dealt for the same number of turns! This makes them harder to take down than usual, led by their always awesome tank. Aegir is doing his job extremely well, guys!

What makes Aegir great:

  • Share damage – causes all allies to share damage with each other for 3 turns
  • Defensive Amateur – all allies get +30% Defense for 3 turns
  • Healing – all allies are healed for 100% of normal damage dealt for 3 turns


KrampusIt’s Christmas in Kramp City

Taunters in the game aren’t as rare as they used to be, but our hero here can still stand out above everyone else!

Krampus’ Scourge of Joy gives all his allies reason to be as happy as he is. He gives them meat shields in the form of minions with 7% HP at 10% attack inherited from him, as well as a whopping +50% attack for 3 turns! For himself, Krampus gains Taunt, effectively directing all enemies’ Special Abilities towards his person for 3 turns, and to survive, gains +44% Defense, as well as an additional +10% boost each time he is hit for those 3 turns. . Built like a tank, it looks like a tank, so better use it as a tank if you have the blessing to summon it!

What makes Krampus great:

  • Summons minions – gives all allies minions
  • Buffer- Gives all allies +50% Offense for 3 turns
  • mocker – gains Taunt which prevents enemies from using their special abilities on Krampus’s allies for 3 turns

And those are our picks for the top 5 blue tanks that are powerful! Ice is definitely an element that is not lacking in phenomenal heroes, regardless of role, and the heroes on our list are undeniable proof of that!