Top 5 Empires and Puzzles Best Red Tanks That Are Powerful

Red anger is an opportunity

Many alliances employ a popular tactic of using the same color/element as a tank from their defense teams, especially during wars. After all, this forces the attacking enemy to use all of their element advantage heroes in an effort to defeat these teams, which can lead to sooner or later running out of “proper” heroes to use, and their eventual defeat.

So if your Alliance adopts this tactic while using fire heroes as tanks, and do you have any of the following heroes on your roster? Consider yourself very, very lucky as they are not going to let you down. These are our picks for the top 5 empires and puzzles Red Tanks that are mighty.



Party fit for kings!

Man, a lot of epic heroes definitely deserve to be called epic, and Wilbur is right up there with the best.

His wonderful feast is a buffet of benefits for his team and, at the same time, it is a negative diarrhea for his enemies. Once he unleashes it, both sides will share the damage with their allies as a result, but while Wilbur’s team enjoys +63% Defense (always nice to have by the way), his enemies will have to put up with that -44 %. defense in return, all for 4 turns. This means that if it doesn’t dissipate, Wilbur’s team will be much harder to kill, while the enemies will definitely be one step closer to defeat if that low defense isn’t cleaned up ASAP.

If used as a Tank, you can be sure he’s going to take the most hits, so you better break the cap and emblem this guy to make sure he can take whatever the enemies throw at him, all while serving The best food. his life.

What makes Wilbur great:

  • Share Damage – allies and enemies share damage with their teams for 4 turns
  • Buffer- Gives all allies +63% Defense for 4 turns
  • Debuffer – Gives all enemies -44% Defense for 4 turns

4. Santa Claus

Santa Claus

Bad or good?

Christmas is still a few months away, but the man himself can’t help but spread Christmas cheer every day anyway!

Santa’s ultimate gift sack is a lot of gifts. He deals 150% damage to all enemies first, before summoning an elf minion for all his allies, since they’ve been nice all year anyway. However, for his mischievous enemies? They will definitely get coals in the form of -34% Offense and -44% Defense for 3 turns. Oh!

Most of his tanky attacks will definitely make up for his slow mana rate, so he better boost it with milk and cookies, just to make sure he can survive well into the (holy) night!

What makes Santa Claus great:

  • Attack all enemies – deals 150% damage to all
  • minion summoner – summons minions for his allies
  • Dedicated Debuffer – Gives your enemies -34% Offense and -44% Defense for 3 turns

3. Ruby


stylish skewer

We love, love, love our mana controllers, we love, love, love our ninjas, so a hero who is conveniently both? Sign up please!

As with all ninjas, Ruby’s attack strength depends on how long she’s been saving up her mana, and she’s called the Crimson Calamity for good reason. At 1 mana charge, she only attacks one target for 290% damage, reduces her mana by 25% and gives them -14% mana generation for 2 turns. At 2x, she attacks the target and nearby enemies for 330% damage, reduces her mana by 50%, and grants them -24% mana generation for 3 turns. However, at a 3x mana charge? Calamity alert! Skillfully deals 370% damage to all enemies, reduces her mana by 100%, and gives them -34% mana generation for 4 turns!

If he is used as a tank, you will be sure that his ability is used continuously to decrease the mana of the enemies. Better prepare her to withstand all attacks by strengthening her through emblems and limits, so that she keeps painting the city red!

What makes Ruby great:

  • Depending on her mana charge, she:
    • It is a one-to-multi-target attacker: one attack all enemies
    • Control enemy mana – reduces mana from 25% to 100% and gives -14% to -34% mana generation, which can last 2-4 turns

2. Elizabeth


ordered and deadly

Dealing with demons can be a hassle, sometimes even more so than killing minions, so having a summoner like Elizabeth on your team can definitely be considered a win!

The 175% damage it deals to all enemies is scary enough, but that’s just the tip of the spider. Each demon he summons for each enemy via his Widow’s Kiss damages them for 43% Attack each turn, and just when you think healers are good at countering them… well, not really. These demons also absorb healing for up to 28% of the target’s maximum health and will only despawn once they gain that amount. Lastly, all heroes affected by demons suffer from -24% mana generation, which will not disappear while they have a spider demon on their person. And you’ll definitely want one with them at all times, so better beef her up if you’re using her as a tank!

What makes Elizabeth great:

  • Multi-Target Attacker: deals 175% damage to all enemies
  • demon summoner – summons demons for all enemies that attack them each turn, absorbs healing and grants -24% mana generation to all their enemies while they have a spider demon

1. Black Knight Suit

Black Knight Costume

Petition to call him White Knight

No Fire Tanks roster would be complete without Black Knight here, and you can be sure he’s earned his reputation, especially with his costume on!

His special ability, but a scratch, tailors him to be your go-to tank at all times. Black Knight Costume has a 50% chance to reduce any damage taken to 1 for 4 turns, which is great considering he’s going to be the target of most attacks anyway, so nullifying his damage is a must. Then, as if making sure the enemies don’t attack anyone else, Black Knight taunts them for 4 turns. Lastly, allies shielded from him also gain +54% Offense for 4 turns, making them deadlier than usual. It’s definitely a top pick material for a tank, and deserves the credit of being our top pick for the role in its element!

What makes Black Knight great:

  • Nullifies the damage – has a 50% chance to reduce any damage taken to 1 for 4 turns
  • mocks enemies prevents them from attacking their allies
  • Attack Buffer – gives allies +54% attack

And there we have it! We can honestly say that Fire has a lot of hot heroes under his element, and his tanks are definitely smoking hot!